Company Background Cornerstone Group Asia is a technology provider specializing in providing pre-cast concrete modular solutions for private, residential, commercial and hospitality construction. Pre-cast concrete modular construction has become the building method of choice for a variety of owners and developers who seek optimum life-cycle cost results. For architects and owners alike, Cornerstone Group Asia works with sophisticated levels of design and construction that will exceed all expectations, rivaling their conventional counterparts. Cornerstone Group Asia is a dynamic company bringing Innovative and patented technology to Asia from our European engineers and shareholders (Modular Buildings, Structures and Floating Technology Provider) under an exclusive agreement to deliver solutions to otherwise unsolvable problems. Cornerstone Group Asia is responsible for granting and licensing our unique and innovative technologies to partners around the world to create sustainable, durable, and secure pre-cast concrete products and modular solutions. For more than 40 years, our engineers (Bartels & Vedder BV) have provided engineering solutions that deliver lasting results for private industry, public entities and government organizations. With the widespread applications of our innovative engineering solutions, our patented modular construction technologies have opened up new possibilities within the construction industry. In particular, the application of our technologies have opened up areas of growth for the pragmatic development of otherwise only recreational and ecological waters. Our systems are tried, tested and well proven and have been used in Europe for many years. Company Information Cornerstone Group Asia and its European founders have created an innovative company that specializes in solutions for the construction and installation of bespoke modular buildings, floating villas and floating islands. Cornerstone Group Asia develops and engineers visionary products to provide solutions for not only bringing families closer together but also increasing productivity for businesses and ensuring better returns for property developers and investors.