Our Precast modular Highway system is formed at an offsite location and installed during off-peak travel times and will revolutionise the way roads are repaired. User surveys cite congestion and traffic delays due to roadway construction as a major source of frustration for motorists. Traffic congestion also reduces highway capacity and increases the costs associated with delays for the traveling public. Our modular system is precast in the factory, then assembled onsite when traffic volume is low, reducing traffic congestion and offers many advantages over traditional cast-in-place construction in high-density urban areas.


Our modular system makes the construction process safer and more efficient because roadwork may be completed overnight, on weekends and during off-peak hours, reducing the need for roadway closures. Because they are precast, modular elements can be subject to higher quality control standards during fabrication. This results in greater durability, so roads last longer before needing replacement or costly repairs. Precast elements can also be cast thinner, so they are ideal for roadways underneath overpasses with limited clearance heights.


Our precast pavement technology can ease congestion at busy intersections and is ideal for ramps and in places of heavy traffic flow.


Quick construction.

C02 and microdust absorption.

Dry and snow-free lower deck.

Easy crossings.

Light weight and big span up to 25 meters.

Has a capacity to several thousands of Kg/m2.

Easy to repair by simply changing elements, mostly possible in 1 night.

No extra property purchase.

Can always be driven on by making use of geothermal warmth.

Extremely quick to build and install.

Pleasant driving on a smooth level roadway.

Specification of Foundation