Located in the heart of Terengganu and spanning over 260km2, Tasik Kenyir is the largest man-made lake in South East Asia. Once complete, the Cornerstone floating ferry terminal will become the gateway to exploring this vast lake and the 340 islands it contains. With a footprint of over 5,000sqm, the Cornerstone floating ferry terminal consists of 6 pavilion buildings; The main terminal building which which has a seating capacity of 500 passengers, a ticketing building, VIP area, banquet hall and two food and beverage outlets with alfresco dining.


In late 2016 the Cornerstone floating ferry terminal was proudly selected as one of the iconic projects that was presented in the Iconic Building & Structures Seminar 2016 (IcoBUS) which is hosted by JKR and organised by ProJKRM to further exposure the construction of iconic buildings & structures and the use of advanced building techniques to the public and private agencies.

Floating Ferry Terminal, Kenyir Lake, Terengganu, Malaysia.

15 metre Water Level Variance

One of the biggest hurdles we had to overcome at Kenyir lake was its water level fluctuation of 15m throughout the year and changes of over 1m within 24 hours during the monsoon season. Using the traditional mooring method of piles would have been cost prohibitive and would have resulted in unappealing 18 metre concrete pillars sticking out of the water every couple of metres during the dry season. To conquer this issue, over 100 units of our taylor-made mooring system were installed completely hidden from view, preserving the aesthetics of the lake and the Floating Ferry Terminal.


Remote Location

Constructing the Cornerstone Floating Ferry Terminal in a such a remote place with minimal resources locally available would have been a tremendous challenge. Thankfully, our team overcame this logistic issue by manufacturing the floating ferry terminal in our off-site factory and delivered the components to site on a cost  and time effective basis keeping the project progress on time.


Constructing the components off site in a controlled environment enabled us to achieve a superior and consistent quality of our components while rapidly increasing the manufacturing rate as we were not affected by conventional site disturbances such as adverse weather conditions.


For more information on modular fabrication process, click here.

Modular Fabrication Process

M&E Management

With 1,000's of metres of cables and pipes for electricity, running water and data lines required to bring the island to life M&E management starts to become increasing difficult, especially when it comes to securely housing them away from the general public.


On the Cornerstone Floating Ferry Terminal all M&E components are securely installed underneath the floor, in a purpose built void within the modular components, easily accessible by contractors for upgrading or maintenance and most importantly, not affecting the view of Cornerstone Floating Ferry Terminal.

These are just a few of the advantage of modular construction. Unlike traditional techniques, we are able to complete both the building and site work simultaneously, allowing us to complete the work in only half the time. If you’re planning to hand over your project to a client using BIM, you’ll be able to recoup your investment much sooner.

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